mexico city

9th Conference — Mexico City

“Progress on the implementation of the Corporate Governance Development Framework”

Date: 4-6 March 2015
Location: Hotel Camino Real Polanco, Mexico City, Mexico
Host Institution: Nacional Financiera


The objectives of the 9th Annual Conference were the following:

  • Further drive the implementation process of the CGDF and its underlying methodology
  • Better align corporate governance objectives between development financing institutions and private sector finance providers
  • Review the progress achieved so far and identify the tasks and priorities for the year to come

Main Outcomes

The following priorities were identified and will guide the efforts of the DFI Corporate Governance Working Group for the 2015/2016 period:

  • Continue to hold the Annual Conference, which next year’s focus includes insights on how to address governance challenges when providing debt only, special tools tailored for smaller companies, DFIs and loans and exploring how to best promote corporate governance on Funds, as well as the Environmental, Social and Governance practices of the investee clients of such funds;
  • Promote the creation of regional chapters of the CGDF, especially for Europe, Latin America/Caribbean and Africa to promote region-specific initiatives;
  • Broaden the network of institutions that can adopt the Framework to incorporate the wider investment community, seeking for strategic partners; and
  • Deliver a Nominee Director Policy Guidance Document with aims of supporting institutions considering to draft their own.


The participating Institutions of the conference include: