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Project Finance Committee


The purpose of this Committee is to discuss and develop a common approach and methodology for the analysis of project finance transactions or transactions involving greenfield projects. The intention is to promote the exchange of experiences among DFIs in relation to the common corporate governance challenges in these transactions, particularly the structure, control and transparency of the project vehicles (SPEs) and sponsors.


Marta Viegas, IIC, Chairperson
Rebeca Sanchez de Tagle, FMO, Member
Sanaa Abouzaid, IFC, Member
Bruno Aranha, BNDES, Member
Elizabeth Alpe, ADB, Member

Current Tasks

The signatories of the CGDF have over the past years worked closely on improving Corporate Governance in their investee companies and exchanged ideas on how to integrate Corporate Governance in their due diligence process.  These efforts have been generally targeted at corporate finance and brownfield transactions, although individual efforts have been made on a case-by-case basis on project finance and greenfield transactions. This Committee will seek to develop a common methodology for the approach of project finance and greenfield transactions, addressing challenges that are common to all DFIs.

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