Annual Conference & Reporting Committee


The purpose of this Committee is to help organize the next annual CG conference of the Signatories and facilitate the annual reporting. Its tasks include:

  • Ensuring timely reporting by all Signatories;
  • Developing the conference agenda;
  • Coordinating/contacting the speakers and moderators of the meeting; and
  • Providing advice/assistance to the hosting institution on logistics, communication and conference preparation and staging.


Sanaa Abouzaid, IFC, Chairperson

Andres Oneto, CAF, Member

Rebeca Sanchez de Tagle, FMO, Member
Marta Viegas, IIC, Member

Current Tasks

Organizing the 2018 conference and collating and analyzing the responses to questionnaires to develop action plans for the support and ongoing implementation of the Framework agreement by signatory institutions.

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