Exploring our manifold opportunities on knowledge exchange


Training is a key component of the CGDF and all signatories undertake to:

  • Provide or procure training
  • Ensure capacity building and knowledge transfer to staff for the implementation and further development of the Framework.

In the spirit of collaboration, Signatories who have developed training programmes, invite other signatories to attend. This section of the CGDF website allows an exchange of information on future training opportunities.

Training offered is typically targeted at analysing Corporate Governance structures (by applying the common methodology) and Directorship training. In addition, the working group usually offers a knowledge sharing day to discuss experiences in applying the common methodology immediately following the end of the annual conference.

If you want to list your training or learn more about upcoming training, please contact the working group. Please note that whilst the Working Group facilitates the exchange of information on future training, it is not responsible for its quality or scope.