6th Conference — Cologne, Germany

“Round Table on the implementation of the Corporate Governance Development Framework”

Date: 8-9 February 2012
Location: Cologne, Germany
Host Institution: DEG


The main objectives of the meeting, which followed soon after the adoption and signing by 29 DFIs of the Corporate Governance Development Framework, were to:

  • Share experience on integrating corporate governance in investment operations;
  • Present and discuss individual approaches implementing the Framework;
  • Present and discuss corporate governance procedures and tools in line with the Framework’s methodology;
  • Present and discuss ideas on developing case studies on the implementation of the Framework;
  • Present and discuss the process of reporting annually on the implementation of the Framework;
  • Present and offer training programs and opportunities.

Main Outcomes

  • Review of the progress of the implementation of newly signed Corporate Governance development framework
  • Exchange on toolkit adaptation experience and on implementation in general.
  • Review of ways of enhancing collaboration between signatories
  • Decision to improve reporting


The participating Institutions of the conference include: