7th Conference — Manila, Philippines

“Meeting on the implementation of the Corporate Governance Development Framework”

Date: 6-8 February 2013
Location: Manila, Philippines
Host Institution: ADB


The conference had three objectives:

Main Outcomes

The following key recommendations were formulated:

  • Continue to organise an annual meeting as the key learning platform and network event to review the results of the prior year and focus on future actions;
  • Develop a governance charter of the current working group to coordinate the network of signatories and drive the implementation of the Framework;
  • Enhance the already existing Website to become the central communication tool for knowledge sharing and networking;
  • Develop knowledge sharing and cooperation especially in the area of Training (seminars/workshops for internal staff, Nominee Directors or Boards of Investee Companies, exchange of teaching material);
  • Streamline reporting formats and processes;
  • Continue the work on the Business case for CG (a selected Group of DFI, coordinated by BSTDB).


The participating Institutions of the conference include: